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 UFO five miles wide: Series of odd events unfold in Missouri

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PostSubject: UFO five miles wide: Series of odd events unfold in Missouri    Sun 14 Aug 2011, 12:48 pm

A disc-shaped object possibly five miles wide was reported hovering
over downtown Kansas City, MO, while a series of other odd events were
reported from the same region, according to August 10, 2011, testimony
from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness is a member of Missouri MUFON and had just left her
office and was traveling west on 23rd Street in nearby Independence, MO,
near Noland Road, on August 7, 2011.

"I saw a huge, disc-shaped, dull gray metallic object hovering at
what looked like the north half of downtown Kansas City directly to my
west and slightly north," the witness stated. "You can see the Kansas
City skyline clearly from the high hill I was driving on."

The woman is an investigator with MUFON and had received a report of a
similar craft spotted over South Kansas City. The UFO appeared to be
very large.

"The object did not move and I saw it clearly for two to three
seconds, which was long enough to know I saw something. It was a disk
shape, with flat sides, and a domed top. I could not see any details or
lights. I estimate the size to be 5 miles wide."

But the massive object did not move away - it just disappeared.

"I got the feeling that it was still there - just that I couldn't see it anymore."

The investigator immediately alerted others, including MUFON field
investigators in the same area. She then arrived home, and having only
her cell phone camera, went outside to take photos of the sky.

"Just as I turned the camera off I noticed what looked like a
commercial jet flying at high speed and low (maybe 5,000 feet or less)
and almost completely sideways with both wings clearly visible. It was
banking hard to the left heading from northeast to southwest. That type
of manuever is usually reserved for smaller craft and fighter jets, not a
commercial airliner."

She described the jet.

"The jet was a silver and peach color - the peach may have been a
reflection of the sun. I tried to get the camera ready again but was not
fast enough. Total time in view was approximately six seconds."

Then another large object appeared in the same area.

"Right after the jet was out of sight, a large, round, white object
the size of a dinner plate at arm's length with a hole in the center
appeared and disappeared in the exact same location as where I first saw
the jet appear, or when I first noticed it."

The witness then assembled a timeline of events as the strange occurrences continued.

"12:15 PM - A witness called to report a giant UFO over south Kansas City. MUFON Case # 30711."
Witness testimony: "As called into ASD at 12:46 pm today by the witness
who wishes to remain anonymous. He would not provide contact information
due to his job in KC government. "My wife and I were getting in the car
on our way to lunch today when my neighbor pointed to the sky to our
north and said "Look at that!" We looked in that direction and all three
of us saw a large gray metallic disc-shaped object with low dome on it.
It was hovering at first, then started moving slowly in a north
direction. It disappeared for a couple of seconds, then reappeared
further away. We saw no lights or windows and heard absolutely no sound.
There was a small private airplane in the area and he must have seen
this object because he flew right over the spot where it was as it moved
away! I don't know what the altitude was but I'd guess 1,000 - 2,000
feet - it was pretty low. My best guess for the size of the thing is 3 -
5 miles across! None of us could believe what we saw. This is the first
time my wife and I have seen a UFO and we are stunned. We decided to
call someone but don't want any publicity or anyone else to know who we
are. My job is too sensitive and I can't risk putting my name out there.
I called to see if anyone else saw this - someone else must have seen
it! We watched it for about three minutes total time, then lost sight of
it behind the trees."

"1:30 - 3 p.m. - a UFO spotter and photographer in Topeka, Kansas (72
miles from Kansas City) photographs multiple UFOs in "battle mode." He
has been able to capture UFOs on film using a special method and AB UV

"2 p.m. - a Kansas City MUFON member reported a large number of UH-60
helicopters flying very low at tree top level at 125th and State Line
in south Kansas City. This is definitely not a normal occurrence for
that area.

"4:20 p.m. - I saw the large disc over downtown Kansas City, then the plane and white disc.

"5:20 p.m. - A MUFON field investigator saw a strange cloud with
structure north of Iatan, MO, from his vantage point across the river in

"10:30 p.m. - My daughter called. She was watching the skies and saw a
black helicopter with no markings flying very low at tree top level in
Independence, MO, just a few blocks from my house.

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UFO five miles wide: Series of odd events unfold in Missouri
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